Technical Consulting

Leadership transition is a critical time for any organization. It requires you to preserve and transfer the institutional knowledge that your outgoing leader(s) have accumulated over the years. Institutional knowledge is the collective wisdom, experience and expertise that shape your policies and procedures. It is a key asset that can help you maintain your performance, innovation and growth in the face of change.

Technical consulting is a service that we offer to help you capture, document and optimize your institutional knowledge during leadership transition. It is based on our proven methodology that consists of four phases:

Analysis: In this phase, we work with you and your outgoing leader(s) to understand your current policies and procedures and identify the areas that need improvement. We help you map out your workflows, processes and systems and evaluate how well they support your goals and standards. We also help you locate, categorize and format your institutional knowledge and assess how relevant and reliable it is.

Design: In this phase, we work with you and your incoming leader(s) to develop and implement solutions that address the areas that need improvement. We help you create or update your policies and procedures documents, such as manuals, guides, checklists and templates. We also help you choose or create the tools and platforms that you need to store, access and share your institutional knowledge, such as databases, wikis, intranets and cloud services.

Optimization: In this phase, we work with you and your entire team to optimize your policies and procedures and ensure their alignment with your new leadership vision. We help you review, edit and format your policies and procedures documents to ensure their clarity, accuracy and consistency. We also help you test, validate and refine your tools and platforms to ensure their functionality, usability and security.

Evaluation: In this phase, we work with you to measure and evaluate the impact of our technical consulting. We help you collect and analyze the data and feedback on your policies and procedures documents, tools and platforms. We also help you assess the outcomes and benefits of our technical consulting, such as improved efficiency, effectiveness, quality, compliance and innovation. We also help you identify the next steps and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our technical consulting benefits you in many ways, such as:

  • Capturing and preserving your institutional knowledge
  • Improving your policies and procedures
  • Streamlining your workflows
  • Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing your performance and innovation